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  1. Modifications
    I was wondering if it was possible to drop a redtop beams 3sge into a 5th gen celica (current engine 3sge 2nd gen) without too much difficulty, i assume it would also need the ecu, split differential and looms from the ss3 but would it need the tranny and the gearbox if they both 5 speed manuals?
  2. Fifth Generation
    Bout to buy a 5th gen celica, 2 litre 3sge, but the engine isnt functional so was thinking i may aswell put a 3rd gen 3sge engine into it for the few extra hp, but in theory would it be possible to install a beams redtop or blacktop head unit onto the block of the standard 3sge engine?
  3. Fifth Generation
    So I’m about to buy an automatic 93 celica gt for about 3k. After I get it I was yes to swap the engine and transmission for an ae92 4a-gze supercharged engine. I know doing an auto to manual swap is not easy or cheap but I’m willing to do it. The question I have is do I need all the parts for...
  4. Other Toyotas
    Hi there! So i bought second gen toyota mr2 1991. It came with exhaust manifold, intake and other parts but without engine. Somewhere I red that you can make 3sge by taking the 3sfe head off and replacing it with 3sge head. So i did and it fits perfectly. I bought 3sfe flywheel which kinda fits...
  5. Second Generation
    Hey was wondering if anyone has 22re swapped their 2nd gen I have a motor and all the wiring to do it and was just wondering what it’ll take orif it will bolt to stock trans and if it’s a good idea
  6. Third Generation
    I 2jz swapped my 1984 celica gt, but I'm missing a wiring harness, and I cant seem to find a direct answer to what harness I need. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or maybe a link to a harness? It is a 2JZ-GE (non turbo) and it has VVT-i.
  7. Fourth Generation
    Hello everyone! I am very excited to about my recent purchase. It's a 1989 toyota celica gts st162 with a gen 5 3s-ge BEAMS blacktop from an automatic toyota altezza rs200 and a ct26 turbo kit on it. Other known mods include an OPL full size radiator, mishimoto MMOC-U oil cooler, godspeed type-m...
  8. Sixth Generation
    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and am looking at doing a 3SGTE swap of my 6th Gen ST204 Manual Celica. I was wondering mostly what transmission I would need for a FWD application, and any other things I may need. I am planning on using an aftermarket ECU, so would I be able to just use the...
  9. Seventh Generation
    I own a 2005 GT with around ~190k miles. I really like the car and would like to do a lot of work to it, how ever, since the engine has so many miles I’d like to do an engine swap first. I’d like to know if anyone had put a 2zz in an automatic GT. I’m fairly new to all this so I’m not sure what...
  10. Seventh Generation
    Hey everyone I know this question has been asked a lot in the past but it’s now 2020 and not only are the celicas cheap so are the gt four engine and drivetrain and any other parts that would be needed. My real question is what would be the fab work required and why from the way I see it the...
  11. Modifications
    Hello, community My car is a 1976 Celica RA29 with the Toyota A40 automatic. The original 20R engine is broken. Now I´m thinking about swapping the motor but I would like to keep the automatic transmission. So my doubt is if I can find a motor that will fit to my automatic transmission. I...
1-11 of 11 Results