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  1. Repair
    I have an interesting starter circuit issue on a 2001 Toyota Celica (that won't start). If I have the starter out and have the main positive wire connected, then, run a jumper wire to the solenoid directly, if the starter is grounded to the engine, vehicle fans come on etc. when I set the...
  2. Repair
    I have a 1991 celica gt with. 2.2. I was working with my fuel pump and testing my EFI relay. I attempted to test for voltage in the four slots that the relay fits into. My tool has the ability to send power and ground to what it touched. I tested and had voltage in the slot that I’m having...
  3. Fourth Generation
    Hey guys, I have a 88 celica ST with the 3S-FE engine. I recently , replaced the head and put everything back. I found this white connector that is with the Distributor , idle air , throttle position connectors. I have searched everywhere for wiring diagrams pictures and what not for where this...
1-3 of 3 Results