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  1. Seventh Generation
    Hello guys. During an engine installation to my 2002 Celica GTS, the car would start up and idle very high. We drove it and it threw a check engine light. Upon scanning, it showed a knock sensor problem. We swapped the knock sensor, but the problem persisted. We then thought it was the ECU and...
  2. Sixth Generation
    Would it be possible to reprogram my ecu to allow me to control the gearshifts without actually swapping the tranny. I would probably make paddle shifters and run them in but I cant find any info online about this kind of modification.
  3. Seventh Generation
    Howdy, I’m a relatively new owner of a 1999 2ZZ-GE manual Celica. It’s decided not to start for me. Seems to be a fuel related issue – with the ECU not running the fuel pump. Cranks and has spark. The fuel pump does run briefly at key off but not when cranking/ignition. EFI fuses have power...
1-3 of 3 Results