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  1. Sixth Generation
    Hi! I recently purchased a 1995 Convertible Gt the only problem is the drivers side door took a good hit while parked. I found a parts car for cheap but I need to know if the coup and lift back doors will fit the convertible? Is there anything I would need to modify or is it just a straight...
  2. Sixth Generation
    I recently purchased a 1997 Toyota Celica at 188k miles automatic transmission, overall it's in pretty good shape but the convertible top wont open and close with the motor. When I try to open it with the motor I can hear it buzzing away but the top doesn't budge. Any ideas what could be causing...
  3. 1993 GT Convertible

    Repaired wiring harness and replaced cracked coil. Now she's a runner! Updated front seats to GTS units. Located original boot at local salvage yard. Replaced aftermarket wheels and tires with factory 1990 GTS units. Replaced halogen headlights with LEDs.
  4. Fifth Generation
    So I've been dealing with the dreaded problem of my celica deciding to not start whenever it doesn't want to. Idk if anyone else has tried the little ignition short circuit trick where you put a paperclip, or anything else metal for that matter, into the diagnostic port. That was working for me...
  5. For Sale
    I am removing some parts from my car in preparation to run it in Autocross. If anyone is interested in anything listed here, make me an offer. The larger parts like the top assembly would be for pick-up only as I have no interest in trying to ship these. Here's the list: Convertible top...
1-5 of 5 Results