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  1. Wanted
    Hello. Does anyone have a boot cover and storage bag for a 91 convertible they would be willing to sell? Or an idea of where I could find one for purchase? I’m struggling to find any good leads online. Thanks.
  2. Seventh Generation
    So I recently purchased a 2000 GT. When I got it, the previous owner said it lost all power when driving and heard a slight slap/knock up top. Then he parked it and hasn't drove it since. So I looked at the car and the timing chain is loose, but still considered if it had a bent valve or a...
  3. Seventh Generation
    Hi! So I recently started flipping cars. I got offered a 2002 Celica GT with 112K for $500. He said something happens to the rear-Driver Side wheel while he was driving and upon inspection, the wheel seems to be pointing out. I took a look underneath, but couldn’t really tell what the piece was...