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  1. Seventh Generation
    Celica SSI VS SSII VS GTS what is the difference? Do they all have 180hp? And are Japanese celicas slower than u.s? I noticed they are only 180000cc's
  2. Second Generation
    I just bought a 1981 Celica and have been astonished to discover that I cannot get anything for it; even basic parts. I need a radiator? Nope. Steering gear? Nope. Intake hose? Nope. I just got the car and am already beginning to consider removing this entire engine and drive train and putting...
  3. Repair
    greetings everybody, i need some assistance figuring out why my car wont get spark. ill go in depth to everything iv'e done to it and the exact sequence of things that have happened i have replaced -spark plugs -camshaft sensor/distributor -crankshaft sensor - timing belt and tensioner (not...
  4. Seventh Generation
    Hi, I am a newb, and would appreciate some advice. I have an 00 GT I've spent half the day installing a new 2din with apple CarPlay. I thought "might as well do a backup camera while I'm at it". I have a plate mounted backup camera. I got the wires run from the stereo to the back of the hatch...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi, folks! Just joining this forum as I move on into a new automotive chapter of my life - my 1991 Celica GT with 239xxx miles is being retired into a project car for my own vanity. Just wanted to say hi to the forum, post some photos of my girl Sammy and maybe test the waters as far as ideas...
  6. Wanted
    Hello. Does anyone have a boot cover and storage bag for a 91 convertible they would be willing to sell? Or an idea of where I could find one for purchase? I’m struggling to find any good leads online. Thanks.
  7. Seventh Generation
    So I recently purchased a 2000 GT. When I got it, the previous owner said it lost all power when driving and heard a slight slap/knock up top. Then he parked it and hasn't drove it since. So I looked at the car and the timing chain is loose, but still considered if it had a bent valve or a...
  8. Seventh Generation
    Hi! So I recently started flipping cars. I got offered a 2002 Celica GT with 112K for $500. He said something happens to the rear-Driver Side wheel while he was driving and upon inspection, the wheel seems to be pointing out. I took a look underneath, but couldn’t really tell what the piece was...
1-8 of 8 Results