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  1. Seventh Generation
    Got a 2002 Gt replaced the rack recently and the two lines that connect to the rack are leaking I added a o ring and it seems to be leaking again. I’m just wondering if it needs a bigger o ring or something else Thanks.
  2. Seventh Generation
    I'm looking into obtaining a 7th gen Celica in the future, as well as obtaining a TRD Exhaust. Problem is that you can't find them anywhere, especially not for cheap. Would anyone how I'd go about obtaining one? or if any of the other toyota and scion TRD exhausts would fit on the Celica?
  3. USA - East Coast
    Hello everyone! Just joined the forum, sorry if this post isn't in the right section. I'll be turning 16 relatively soon, I've wanted a 7th gen Celica since I was 10. I'm starting to think a Celica may be impractical, since some of the estimates I've seen say my insurance would be over 7k...
  4. Sixth Generation
    Hey everyone! I’m new here and I’m looking to buy a used celica. Issue is I don’t know which one to look for. I have found a 95’ convertible celica for $5k and a few 2000 ones for $3-5k. I’ve heard that the engine in the 7th gens isn’t reliable but I don’t know if that is true or not. Any help...
  5. Seventh Generation
    So I actually don’t drive a celica, I drive a mitsubishi eclipse, but I’ve seen posts of eclipse’s with 2006 celica spoilers and i’m having a hard time finding that specific year. if i knew that an ‘06 spoiler would fit my car, is there a difference between that and an ‘00 to ‘05 one? are the...
  6. Seventh Generation
    Hi Everyone! Basically i was doing a VVTL-I lift in 2nd gear and just after i hit and my celica started to decelerate i heard a few pop kinda noises, my celica is stock and has a healthy full serviced engine, its weird as it only happened once or twice as today it wasnt happening, the engine...
  7. Wanted
    Hi everyone, I've had a zephyr blue metallic 2004 GT Celica for 7 years or so now and have always thought of grabbing a GT-S (unfortunately mine is an automatic.) I'm looking for something nice within 4-6 hours of Dalton, PA or Milledgeville, GA (though GA would require some time for me to get...
  8. Seventh Generation
    So on my 2000 GT, The fuel gauge doesn't read. I've never messed with any type of fuel stuff so does anyone have ideas on what it could be? Possible fuse or some type of fuel pump? Much appreciated.
  9. Seventh Generation
    So I recently purchased a 2000 GT. When I got it, the previous owner said it lost all power when driving and heard a slight slap/knock up top. Then he parked it and hasn't drove it since. So I looked at the car and the timing chain is loose, but still considered if it had a bent valve or a...
1-9 of 9 Results