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7th gen
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  1. Wanted
    Hi everyone, I've had a zephyr blue metallic 2004 GT Celica for 7 years or so now and have always thought of grabbing a GT-S (unfortunately mine is an automatic.) I'm looking for something nice within 4-6 hours of Dalton, PA or Milledgeville, GA (though GA would require some time for me to get...
  2. Seventh Generation
    So on my 2000 GT, The fuel gauge doesn't read. I've never messed with any type of fuel stuff so does anyone have ideas on what it could be? Possible fuse or some type of fuel pump? Much appreciated.
  3. Seventh Generation
    So I recently purchased a 2000 GT. When I got it, the previous owner said it lost all power when driving and heard a slight slap/knock up top. Then he parked it and hasn't drove it since. So I looked at the car and the timing chain is loose, but still considered if it had a bent valve or a...
1-3 of 3 Results