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    TOYGT4 my GT-Four RC JDM spec.
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    TOYGT4 my GT-Four RC JDM spec.
  3. Modifications
    Hello, i myself own a toyota celica 6th gen 1996 At200 with a 7a-fe engine. I have bought a 3sgte engine to swap into my car, but i am not sure if i can run the trans i have now or if i have to swap it. I believe i have a C52, but i'm not completely sure. Even if i had a C52 i can't find online...
  4. Sixth Generation
    I want to do a 3sgte swap bc I need stustustu and I need to be the fastest car in my car club. I want to do a 3sgte swap into my celica and ditch that 1.8L, but as we know that engine was not offered to us plebian americans, and the only ones I can see that are being imported right now are from...
  5. Sixth Generation
    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and am looking at doing a 3SGTE swap of my 6th Gen ST204 Manual Celica. I was wondering mostly what transmission I would need for a FWD application, and any other things I may need. I am planning on using an aftermarket ECU, so would I be able to just use the...
  6. Sixth Generation
    Okay, here's the thing: 2 minutes into running ... misfire. When I say 2 minutes, I mean, it could be 1.5, sometimes 4-5. And it is though someone flipped a switch and told my engine to run horribly. It's cartoonish it is so bad. After 3000 RPM: hauls butt again. New plugs, wires, cap...
1-6 of 6 Results