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  1. Third Generation
    Hey everyone, I just recently joined the site to ask if there are any modifications that would be worth investing in. I live in CA, so I know there really is not much available in terms of extra horsepower. I am not that huge of a fan on turbos either. Mainly looking for people who are willing...
  2. Third Generation
    I found a 3rd gen Celica GTS with the 22re engine and very minimal issues (mostly cosmetic) going for $4000 and was wondering if that was a good price as im newer to Celicas and quite honestly dont know how much the car is worth as i cant find much on value. I do really like Celicas and and was...
  3. Sixth Generation
    Okay, here's the thing: 2 minutes into running ... misfire. When I say 2 minutes, I mean, it could be 1.5, sometimes 4-5. And it is though someone flipped a switch and told my engine to run horribly. It's cartoonish it is so bad. After 3000 RPM: hauls butt again. New plugs, wires, cap...
1-3 of 3 Results