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  1. Fifth Generation
    Looking for a boot cover for my '91 convertible, just bought it and it didn't come with a cover for when the roof is down. Would really appreciate if anyone would be willing to sell me one. Thank you! :)
  2. Image Gallery
    I picked this one up as a non runner. It had been to a couple of shops who tried to get it up and running with no luck. A partial wiring harness and a replaced coil and she's running great! My wife actually prefers riding in it over my 2002 Miata. I've replaced the struts / shocks, brakes...
  3. 1993 GT Convertible

    Repaired wiring harness and replaced cracked coil. Now she's a runner! Updated front seats to GTS units. Located original boot at local salvage yard. Replaced aftermarket wheels and tires with factory 1990 GTS units. Replaced halogen headlights with LEDs.
1-3 of 3 Results