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  1. Fifth Generation
    Looking for a boot cover for my '91 convertible, just bought it and it didn't come with a cover for when the roof is down. Would really appreciate if anyone would be willing to sell me one. Thank you! :)
  2. Fifth Generation
    Hello, I purchased a Steelmate 386M remote entry kit and have been trying (and failing) to install it in my 1992 Toyota Celica. The wiring diagram below is the only instructions included, and assumes you are also installing actuators (i'm just trying to trigger the existing actuators). I've...
  3. Repair
    Hey everybody, i’m new to this page. I have just purchased a 1992 Toyota Celica GT And I’m having some problems, I purchased the car as a project car. I knew it was going to be a fixer-upper. When I start the car it makes this loud “whining noise” and it progressively gets louder as a change...
  4. Fifth Generation
    I have a 1992 Celica GT, with 2.2L 5SFE engine. Driving home from gym, I was in 5th gear. The car started to sound like it was not in gear, and just revving. It then shut off. Twenty minutes later it started up again and I was able to drive home. I took it for a test drive again 4 hours later...
  5. Repair
    Hello, did anyone figure out where the vacuum hoses from the back of the throttle body goes to? I have a 1992 Celica GT, with 2.2L 5SFE engine.
1-5 of 5 Results