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Celica GT convertible 2.2L
Convertible - 5 speed manual
My history with the Toyota brand;

My first car ever was a 1976 Celica coupe 20R engine, 5spd manual, hard top with about 133K. I bought it for 800.00 That engine would not die. When I sold it 3 years later, I had put 50k on it, I had no major issues with that car. I did the 3k oil changes and one tune up with plugs, wires, cap. etc.

My first experience with Toyota was good one. That 76' coupe transported 'Team two guys from Oregon' down to Trestles in Cali on awesome surfing/camping/partying expeditions. Those were 1k plus runs for that 1976 car. She did not break down. We were both amazed. Great fun was had in those days young Jedi.

The guy I sold it to was a friend who lowered it and repainted it, re-upholstered the interior, and basically made me want to buy it back but, I had already bought my first new car: a 1989 Toyota Tercel, in order to boost my credit score.

By 1995 I wanted to sell the Tercel. It was reliable but very small, and I wasn't really happy in it.

I truly missed the sportier Celica.

There were two other convertibles to choose from that I could afford; one was a BMW, certainly faster, but I wasn't looking for speed, and then there were BMW repair issues which cost big $ - so I passed on it.

The other car was a Mazda Mx 5. with 57K on the clock. I knew that car was reliable because a close friend owned one and I had driven it many times. So it became a choice between the Celica GT Convt. or the Mazda Mx 5.

You can see my choice. This is my 3rd Toyota.

This 5th Gen reminded me a lot of my old 76' Celica coupe.

Getting a 5th Gen. with low miles meant I could document all work that I would do from purchase to the grave.

Bought this 1992 Celica GT in 1995 with 32K miles. It cost me 16K. That's a lot but, brand new; they were listed at 21K. I knew the car would last due to my previous experiences and in Consumer reports which rated this car waaay up there in reliability.

When I reached 70K, I knew I needed to do that long term maint. on her. I knew a Japanese owned Toyota repair shop that had high marks in reviews, and it was only blocks away.

I had them replace ALL engine belts, idler bearing, cam seals, crank seals, oil pump seals, O-ring, the rear axel re-greased etc. Of course regular oil changes at 3K with Castrol GTX were done by myself as well as plugs, wires, cap, and rotor every 45K.

No major repairs so far. Yoda just turned 103K this year in 2015. Happy B-day Yoda.

I ride a bike to work because it's so close and I can burn calories and save on gas too. That's why this car has such low mileage. This car has basically behaved just like that old 76' coupe. Very very reliable.

This time I WILL NOT sell. It will be my classic everyday driver.
1992 Toyota Celica GT convertible 2.2L (Green)


Replaced all the radiator hoses. I removed the K & N Air filter and put the original air cleaner in with a Cool Blue Filter that needed trimming before it would seal properly. Now the idle is very stable and the little backfire that she would produce at random times is gone. I have a Dynomax performance exhaust put on. It produces a nice low sporty purr. The exhaust down pipe was also replaced at the same time with a larger diameter 2" pipe from the 2nd cat to the exhaust. I replaced the coil myself once using a Haynes manual to diagnose the problem - it was an easy fix really. The VSV and vac. hoses will need to be replaced eventually - that will go to a mechanic. It's too far under for me to get to. Eventually I will pull and clean the EGR since I can reach that easily. I've done the fuel filter every 45K. That wasn't so easy. The latest in 2016 was: new lower radiator hose, new thermostat, new double-row radiator, fan, replaced the water out pipe, and 2 sensors. I did that job spending only about 2 hours each day on it over a week. I ride my bicycle to work so no transportation issues.

My 76' coupe back in the day. Before I bought the Tercel. These are digital images from original photographs.

Yes the front bumper was blacked out - it was the thing to do back then, along with a pair of Hellas' for the nighttime, foggy beach highways. I miss those Enkei wheels. My 1992 Celica will eventually get Enkei too.

My white 89' Tercel on the left. On the right was the last time I saw my 76' Celica coupe - this was right after he lowered and primed it.
It's true, you don't know what you miss until after its gone however, Im in good spirits with my current Celica ride.
Yellow dash gauges. Those were a bitch to install. The leather steering wheel cover is 7 years old! A gift from my brother (he has a 2008 zo6 Corvette). I re-laced the leather myself and cleaned it. Looks new again. I Bought another set of seat covers in 2014. Underneath, the original cloth seats are in perfect condition. No dash cracks at all, a sun visor is always up when parked. I still have the original manual in the red plastic sleeve for this car.
Aftermarket daytime driving lights.
The car was red originally. Green is my favorite color.
New cloth top installed in 2013.
The antenna is now rubber, the original power antenna kept breaking.
1.5 lowering Ebich springs on all 4.
Vault 16 inch wheels on 45 205 rubber.
Aftermarket CD player. But I always have earbuds in - I listen to my iphone music these days.
Chinese knock-off TRD Leather shift knob. It made it through the summer without falling apart - so far so good.
I bought a TRD knock off in blue aluminum. Oil cap. Over the years I like to treat her with something new to keep it interesting.
Eibach Sportline Springs - lowered 1.5" all around with Front and rear KYBs.

The red 92' before the respray. She was very clean without even a minor dent. These days there are 3 door dings that I want taken out.

in 2016 I bought corner lights. A package deal 60.00 for all 4.
Rear meaty HKS exhaust tip.
Wheel and Tire
The custom wheels are Vault 16" Alloys.
TRD Air/Valve stem caps - trashed - sun bleached, they only lasted 2 summers.

Latest repairs/fixes:

Re-conditioned Alternator.

Vvivid 4d CF wrap. On hood.

Black steel 51mm tuner lugs.

New Hankook 205/50/R16 Ventus V2 Concpt. 2 rubber
I've only done about 500 miles on them They are serious quiet.

Cheap pants Charlie, 2 dollah Voltmeter (I've grown to like it)



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