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122k miles. I got it in September of 2011 for 6000. It was clean and had barely any signs of wear. No problems whatsoever in the time I had it. I got t-boned in November and it was totaled. It has since then been sitting in a yard and I have been slowing restoring to drivable. I have pictures I will post once i upload them to my computer. The dent is 3-feet in and the frame is bent. That's the problem, it's really expensive to fix everything although the engine has not been affected at all. I won't have the money to restore it until the summer. It had the 6-disc CD changer in the back, but won't anymore because I hated that thing with a passion. It always got in my way so once the car got totaled, the first thing i did was rip it apart so I could get the CDs out. My insurance gave me 6200 for it and I bought it back for 1780 ;). Currently looking for another daily driver to suit my needs.
1996 Toyota Celica GT (Silver)


it has an engine.
broken glass added to the seats, gives it a nice touch. I got the few plastic parts replaced with a more expensive material used in the new E-350s. Also did a self mod on the shifter so that the gear you are in lights up as it is sometimes hard for the passenger to tell. I just got tired of "why are you going 45 in 3rd gear?".
It has a very big dent in the side. It's pretty legit. looks real. I was thinking about putting a gt-4 body kit on it. anything else is fucking gay.
6-Disc Cd changer (removed).
I changed out the front speakers to memphis audio speakers (Got tired of paper cups) and I'm changing the rear speakers to bose and hiding subs under the seats once everything looks how it's supposed to. I'm getting a top of the line head unit with bluetooth, gps, 6disc, aux, ipod, dvd, ts, dd, eq, and amp output eventually.
I accidently spray,painted part of the undercarriage red, does that count?
Wheel and Tire
I want black rims I want black rims I want black rims I want black rims I want black rims I want black rims I want black rims I want black rims I want black rims


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