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gt 2.2 5spd
was told by a friend there was a celica gt4 sitting, and it was abandoned. we pulled it from a field where the previous owner had left it, after she had more or less destroyed the thing, and found it was only a gt, but hey free car(after filing for an abandoned title of course)! the drivers side front fender had been bent in, the bumper had been put on wrong, the headlights were adjusted way off, the interior was so dirty and wet from improperly installed window seals there was a plant growing on the passenger carpet, the radio harness was hanging all over the place, the roof had been in some sort of hail storm and had half assed globs of bondo slapped on, and it was riding on a donut where the rear tire had blown up. the paint was a rainbow of mismatched colored body panels, peeling clear coat, rusty sheet metal and pink body glaze. it had been sitting for like 5 years, and after draining the gas, changing the oil and using a little starting fluid she fired to life... barely. she was running rich and seemed to leak oil from everywhere. having sat for so long, the cv axle boots dry rotted and cracked and needed replacing as well. over time i've been cleaning, fixing, un-destroying the thing and its almost ready for new paint.
1992 Toyota celica (black/green/purple/primer)


redid valve cover gasket, new cap, new rotor, new distributor, new plugs, new wires, new oil pan gasket, new intake manifold gasket, new throttle body gasket, refinished the valve cover and brake calipers grabber blue, new cv axles, exhaust currently is dumped right behind the motor before the exhaust tunnel(loud as hell, needs a resonator)
cleaning up the stock interior, fixed the radio(mostly), replaced shifter boot and knob
repairing the dents, sloppy bondo job, and primering the thing until it gets a respray
factory suspension with 3 inch lowering springs
Wheel and Tire
gunmetal motegi racing 17x7.5 +40, debating tire choice still


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