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Mastasplinta 10-07-2018 02:37 PM

FS: 1994-1999 Celica ST/GT parts for sale
Hello, I have a wide variety of celica parts for sale and trade, everything from interior, exterior, to the engine bay, and electrical. all parts in good working order,

*center dash trim with all vents
*manual door panels black leather no damage with handle trim and window knobs and clip
*inside hatch plastic right and left panels (both have pillar caps) left has dome light, right has hatch door to inside panel were the jack stash is
*extra interior plastic hatch panel (driver side with no dome light or pillar cap
*2 sets of plastic door jam step seal's
*shifter plastic trim (with boot and shift knob)
*seat belt latches that bolt to driver and passenger seat

*Both front driver/ passenger quarter panels (white, no dents)
*back hatch 3rd door nice glass and wiper arm on it and third brake light with 2 post spoiler (white)
* rear bumper (white no damage)
*center license plate panel that goes between taillights (Red no damage)
*oem 2 post spoiler (primer black)
*2x sunroof's glass (no damage or cracks seals still nice)
*pair of power folding side mirrors (primer black with clear visor's)
*pair rain gutter trim that goes over the driver and passenger door/ glass (no damage nice)
*both passenger and driver low beam headlights
*Clear turn signal housings with new bulbs face lift these are the rectangle not round 96+
*side marker lights stock with led bulbs

*tweeter door speakers and driver side corner cover

*engine strut tower brace support off a gt for front

*7afe turbo header OBX-R ( has lifetime warranty with paperwork)
*7afe header (4.2.1 with 2.1 down pipe, high flow cat and exhaust all 3")
*7afe denso distributor (has 9 mm high performance blue ignition wires and cap,
*5sfe distributor wires stock 5 mm
*7afe apex silicone valve cover seal and spark plug apex seals (new/ still in bag)
*7afe oil pump new in package
*7afe two piece oil pan gaskets ( upper and lower) new in box

And I have so much more I have owned 6 celicas over the last 10 years cant list it all If you need it and it is not on this list ask I probably have it laying in a box in my garage.

For serious inquiries or question please call or text Mastasplinta @ 719.287.3582

roger gerken 09-09-2019 12:05 AM

Need 2 spoiler retainers. 1992 GT
i have a 1992 GT and I need the retainers to put the spoiler back on the trunk lid. Do you have any?

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