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  1. Hi experts, I noticed that the little top grille is not completely open. Half of right side has a structure/block. Is the top grill functional to take the outside air into the Airbox assembly? If yes, then is there a way to remove that obstruction/block ? I am interested in optimizing the...
  2. Sixth Generation
    Hi all. I am currently having issues getting my 94 celica st202 to fire up. I have recently changed the battery, plugs, and fuel pump. It cranks but just won't start up. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. So I have a 95 Celica ST and my problem is when I apply breaks and come to a complete stop while in any gear other than Neutral my car shakes pretty aggressively. I can feel most of the vibrations within the steering wheel. I will be taking it to my mechanic soon but just wanted to check here...
  4. Third Generation
    <font color='#000000'>I got a 85 gts convertible and the top just started not working.  You hit the switch and it pops the rear seats but then nothing. like a fuse blew but were.  I have looked and cant find a fuse or am i just over looking it.  help me Scott</font>
  5. I posted a request to g=by some parts for my 85 Celica GTS convertible. Two people referred me to other who had the parts. Ultimately, I came to believe that the sellers were scammers. Please be careful out there. Ram6666
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