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I have a 1991 Toyota Celica GT convertible. My passenger side hydraulic cylinder is leaking oil. I was told that I need a new hydraulic cylinder. The only place that I found one was at the convertibletopguys website on google. It costs 150 bucks. Im not sure what the labor would cost to install it. My bro in law is mechanically smart and he said he could put it in for me. These are the following questions that I have for you guys.

1. What type of oil should I use to fill the motor/pump? I have been told by toyota the I can use 10W motor oil, although that is hard to find, atf mercon 3 tranny oil, and even power steering fluid. The upholstery shop guy said I can use brake fluid, and he said that I would have to check what type of oil is inside the pump, red or white, and he said if its red go with red, or if its white go with white, I guess that means if its red its tranny atf mercon 3 oil, or mineral hydraulic oil, or if its white that means its mercon 3 atf tranny fluid? My dad and bro in law recommend that I use hydraulic fluid, or jack fluid, not sure what type of hydraulic fluid to use, or if there are different kinds. The only one I found at Autozone was hydraulic/ jack oil. My online research and talking to dealers seems like I should use 10w motor oil or tranny fluid, not sure which type of tranny fluid mercon 3 or dexron 3? Toyota told me mercon 3. I dont have the manual to the car.

2. How much am I supposed to fill the motor/pump with oil? I have heard 3/4 the way, googled it, not sure, either I or my bro in law will help eachother do this, or ill take it to the conv top guys, or a mechanic.

3. anyone know what the labor should cost?

4. Please ne help would be appreciated, I dont come on this site much please give me a call on facebook or my phone if anyone can help me
cell 773 332 7154 names marshall, facebook marshall khamou yahoo messenger marshallkhamou@yahoo.com, ive noticed this site takes time to get responses.

5. and im having a hard time putting my personal, avatar and signature pics on here how do i do that doesnt work?
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1. My service manual also says use 10W motor oil. I've never added any to mine, but I am thinking the expectation is to use an 10W-XX motor oil, like 10W-30. But you should verify this with a Toyota dealer parts counter or service tech. And absolutely do not mix other fluids you are talking about with the 10W motor oil already in the system, unless you want to throw everything out and get all new hydraulics. ATF and brake fluid are not compatible with motor oil. Mineral oil is, but that is about it. And I don't think you are planning on removing absolutely all fluid in your hydraulic system when you put a replacement cylinder in. Stay with motor oil.

2. Your 92 convertible pump has a relatively clear, cylindrical container where the oil is in so you can see the level clearly. It also has lines at the end of this container, and your oil level should be between the lines. Very simple.

3. To get the cylinder out, one has to take the rear seats out, the interior plastic trim out of the back on the side where the leaking cylinder is now, all to access the cylinder for replacement. It can be done in 2 hours by someone who has done this work before, 6 hours for someone who isn't very experienced. Just apply a labor rate to this time, and you will get a labor cost figured out.

4. You'll have to check this forum for the response.

5. I didn't care to put one up, so I don't know & don't care.
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